Multifunctional Standing Peeler


Ishumay Multifunctional Standing Peeler
Multifunctional Standing Peeler
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Ishumay® is proud to introduce its flagship product: the world-class multifunctional standing peeler:

We believe in better quality and design, better functionality, and a good experience is what we want to share with you! 


  • Multiple blades for custom peeling
  • Easily interchangeable blades
  • Specially designed cleaning brushes
  • Fully explanatory instructional manual
  • Benefit of a premium registered Trademark


  • Hyper-efficient peeling capabilities to save time
  • Premium quality material for longevity
  • Sturdy and neat, for efficient manipulation and cleaning
  • Storage efficient: standing design for minimal space
  • Multifunctional with multiple blades

Ishumay - Multifunctional Standing Peeler

Our Customers Love Us

We are very fortunate to have formed a strong customer relationship with many of our multifunctional peeler shoppers .Here are just a few of the amazing testimonials they have sent over about their experiences :

Ishumay Multifunctional Standing Peeler - Testimonial 2

Ishumay Multifunctional Standing Peeler - Testimonial 3

Ishumay Multifunctional Standing Peeler - Testimonial 1


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are the blades Stainless Steel?
    Yes, it is!
  2. Is it BPA free?
    Yes, it is!
  3. How much is shipping?
    It’s Free!
  4. How is this for peeling ginger?
    It totally works awesome for ginger including any hard veggie or fruit.
  5. Is the blade sturdy? Meaning does not wobble while peeling?
    Yes, it is, and no, it does not wobble. You will love it!
  6. Is it suitable for both left/right-handed people?
    Yes, there’s a blade on both sides, so either left and right-handed people can use it.
  7. Does the blade come with a protective cover for when it’s not being used?
    Yes, it does.
  8. Can you peel a potato with this?
    Yes, you can. It works great, and the tip can dig out eyes.
  9. Is it sturdy and sharp enough to peel butternut squash?
    Yes, it is.
  10. Does the blade detach? Or is it all one piece?
    Blades can be detached and interchanged in one click.
  11. How is it comfortable to hold it?
    It is non-slippery. It has a cushion on the hands for a firm grip to allow effortless peeling.
  12. Does it have built-in storage for extra blades?
    Yes, it does
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Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Multifunctional Standing Peeler

  1. Jennifer

    Love my new peeler. It fits well in my hands and peels really smoothly. best peeler ever.

  2. Elanie

    We certainly have lost some pizzazz in our lives when reviewing a potato peeler is the highlight of a day, but WOW! I finally used this one today and (aside from adding a chunk of knuckle to the beef stew) it was a great experience! Ishuway is like finding a long-lost friend! It WORKS! It peels away in long neat strips! Yay for new peeler!

  3. melissa

    Great quality and price.

  4. Chelsea

    The best peelers I’ve used so far!
    This is a very complete set of peelers. Doesn’t get stuck on any veggies while I’m using it! Very sharp, easy to use, with good handles and grip.

  5. Amara

    Great quality Peeler. This is the peeler I have ever tried, not sure if there are anything better out in market. Every peeler I had ever owned are very light weight, this is heavy and good to use. Great purchase for this price. You won’t go wrong with this product.

  6. Emma P.

    This works very well. The handle is comfortable. The blade is pretty wide, and cuts efficiently.

  7. Joanne L

    This product is extremely well made; I can envision it lasting a lifetime. Super sharp blade makes for a precise cut. Thank you.

  8. Noah

    This product is amazing! I would recommend this!

  9. Lucas

    Love this peeler! It is super sharp.

  10. Darla

    It took me a few tries to really be efficient with this when I first received. The way it swivels was different than what I had before. After using it a few times, my husband and I both love it. The swivel glides along the potato, apple, or whatever you are peeling. It has a sharp blade, peeling a thin layer with ease, yet your fingers are protected.
    Great price and should last for a very long time

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