1. Are the blades Stainless Steel?
    Yes, it is!
  2. Is it BPA free?
    Yes, it is!
  3. How much is shipping?
    It’s Free!
  4. How is this for peeling ginger?
    It totally works awesome for ginger including any hard veggie or fruit.
  5. Is the blade sturdy? Meaning does not wobble while peeling?
    Yes, it is, and no, it does not wobble. You will love it!
  6. Is it suitable for both left/right-handed people?
    Yes, there’s a blade on both sides, so either left and right-handed people can use it.
  7. Does the blade come with a protective cover for when it’s not being used?
    Yes, it does.
  8. Can you peel a potato with this?
    Yes, you can. It works great, and the tip can dig out eyes.
  9. Is it sturdy and sharp enough to peel butternut squash?
    Yes, it is.
  10. Does the blade detach? Or is it all one piece?
    Blades can be detached and interchanged in one click.
  11. How is it comfortable to hold it?
    It is non-slippery. It has a cushion on the hands for a firm grip to allow effortless peeling.
  12. Does it have built-in storage for extra blades?
    Yes, it does