Our Mission

To provide world-class Premium quality products and goods from all over the remote and exotic areas of the globe!
It is the mission of Yakush International, LLC to be very selective in the processes used to select special Premium products for specifically targeted markets. The Company will adopt a holistic approach consisting in investigating market tendencies and trends, evaluate product candidates, and methodically proceed with an incremental roll-out of the production load.
While the Company is primarily geared toward a non-restrictive growth, it will ensure to preserve its originality by presenting exotic product collections to target and earn the business of a well-intention segment of followers.
Our Vision

We will inter-connect various cultures of the world by sharing the specificities that are expressed in their staples products. It is our intention to become a global cultural influencer by introducing, marketing and eventually selling products that are diverse in nature, origin and compositions.
It is our philosophy to contribute to intermingling various world cultures and folk traditions via products of unique upbringing.
Our Principles

Discovery, Quality, Ecstasy